Mason Jar Press is looking for someone to come onboard to help handle our public relations, and we hope that’s you. As we near our 3rd year of operation, we’re realizing where we need to improve and where we can expand if we had more brains and hands involved. As a small staff, we've accomplished a lot and put out beautiful literature, but we’re still looking forward, and we need someone to jump into the jar with us.

We’re looking specifically for someone who can help shape our social media (Twitter primarily right now, Instagram, maybe Facebook in the near future), do submission calls, and get books out for reviews. Maybe there’s more we can do, too—and you can let us know. We want to create a presence that’s more consistently tweeting/posting links. From interesting articles to highlighting our authors' accomplishments, announcing readings and other exciting news about Mason Jar (we're growing!), we want your help to engage readers and other literary journals. 

This position would also include sending out ARCs, finding journals to review our books, and rolling out new projects/initiatives. We have a lot of irons in the fire.

We don’t want this to feel like applying for a job, but we do need to know a little bit about you! So, fire up a new email and address it to Give it the following subject line: [Editor application: DRINKING MOONSHINE]. Yes, exactly that. In the body of that email, in whatever form works best for you, give us the following information:

1. Your name + standard author bio + a few social media usernames (this is a social media-heavy position, after all).

2. Any history of working with literary magazines, reading submissions, or editing (either selecting, or proofreading) creative work. If you have none, own it. 

3. Your experience with social media—what platforms have you used, and in what capacities (personal/professional/etc.). In a paragraph, tell us two things, 1) what we could do better with our social media, and 2) what you would do, specifically, to make that presence stronger.

4. A brief (200 words, maybe) explanation as to why you’re interested in working with Mason Jar Press, both in social media and editorial contexts.

5. A few favorite books and authors, and brief explanations as to why. This is not a trick question: Mike reads genre fiction and comic books and Ian "isn't much of a reader." 

This work can be done from anywhere, so location is not an issue. Also, to be clear: this work is unpaid—we do this out of love, not for money. We'll cover any and all expenses you incur (like mailing books, application fees, et al.) and buy you food/beer when we do get together.   

Deadline for applications is September 30, 2017. We’ll make our decision shortly after that.