Our Story

Mason Jar Press has been publishing handmade, limited-run chapbooks and full-length books since 2014. The Press is dedicated to finding new and exciting work by writers that push the bounds of literary norms. While the work Mason Jar seeks to publish is meant to challenge status quos, both literary and culturally, it must also have significant merit in both those realms.

Mason Jar Press is:

Ian Anderson [Founder|Editor-In-Chief] is a writer and designer living in Baltimore, MD. He earned  an MFA in Creative Writing and Publishing arts from the University of Baltimore in 2014.

Michael B. Tager [Managing Editor] is a writer and editor. His work has appeared places and can be found through his website. He becomes quite nervous when in bear country.

Ashley Miller [Associate Editor] lives in the suburbs of Chicago where she is sometimes writing and sometimes editing, but is almost always reading. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing and Publishing Arts